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As a husband and wife team,
we are parenting a boutique design consultancy – VKAN,
specializing in Brand Identity Design.

We spent a large chunk of our careers understanding, respecting, preaching
and living by the rules, only realizing that the essence of creativity lies in rebellion.
Well we don’t make shit up, we learn only from the pros,
in this case Mr. Pablo, nope not Kanye West, the real deal, Pablo Picasso –
“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

Our boundless creative urge fed by our liberal thoughts has aided in
distinguishing the essential from the redundant. Something we find great application
of in our daily lives and our work ethic.
Let’s show you what we mean by this necessary divide –

We won’t try impressing you with crazy design innuendos.
Gods know you didn’t come all the way for us to read out a chapter from Design 101 !

Treading on the path of liberalization has enabled us to channel
our inner creative dynamism. Making our work Newde and crisp minus the fuss,
just the way you like it !

We love when our clients visit us with an open heart, for us it’s always about a great connection.
This husband and wife team loves newdeity, quite literally !

Visit us with a clean… Ahem…canvas and let us paint the picture.
Mind you we are rather impressive.

Design Connoisseurs as VKAN humbly call ourselves,
have to step away from the norm once the rules are mastered.
That doesn’t make us reckless; it just gives our work a zest of freshness.
Damn! That rhymed so fine, I could do that one more time.

Knock Knock…Who’s there ?
VKAN who ?
VKAN keep talking but we’d rather get back to work ! Ciao !