Trip Details
Start Point : Chandigarh
End Point : Chandigarh

Duration : 14 Days
Distance Covered : 2600Km
Mode : Self Owned Hatch Back (Honda Brio – Petrol)
Route : Via Srinagar – Manali

> Sun Glasses

> T Shirts (Any Nos.)
> One Jacket (Atleast)
> One Sweatshirt
> Extra Blanket & Bed Sheet
> Woolen Cap & Socks
> First Aid Kit
> Big Tissue Roll

> 10/20 ltrs. Petrol Can & Funnel
(You will not get petrol while in Nubra Valley)
> Tubless Puncture Kit & Air Pump
> Car pulling rope.

> Anything you can’t live without

Good to know !
> Drink lots of H2O as high altitude sickness can keep you busy with your head.
> Keep checking the Army Recovery Posts (On the way). You might need to rush in case you fall prey to low oxygen levels.
> Hold your adrenaline rush. Don’t drive at night as roads here are not so friendly and may cause health hazards too on high altitudes. Always start early morning and reach your destination before 7pm.
> Carry some extra hand/small towels rather than big bath towels. They are easy to wash, dry and reuse.
> You will not get time to wash your cloths except on your stay in Leh so, take along a backup of your undies.
> Carry few bungee cords as you can use them anywhere. (Dry clothes on them) 
> You can dry your wet undies & towels on your car’s dashboard too while travelling. Ample sun on the go.
> All the females ! You have to find a nice su su place. Keep looking for insanely big rocks, you will find a lot on your way.
> Anybody who cannot do Squaty-Potty can buy a portable toilet seat on Amazon.
> Get a BSNL Postpaid Connection because ‘Jahan Aap Wahan Bsnl’
> Keep sucking sugar candies, chocolates and juice boxes.
> Avoid paranthas and heavy gravies (exception for Punjabis, they have incredible digestive system), low O2 will pose indigestion problems and stomach upset on the go is like hell.
> Last but the not least, please leave your work, your worries, your tensions back home. Be present to live every moment of aww. You are lucky you have made it to ladakh (atleast once) so don’t mess these fuckin pleasant moments.
> If you need to know anything specific regarding this trip, you can connect with Vikas on Facebook.


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