Artists by heart, liberals from our soul and newdeists from our mind.

Yes, we are weird and want you to be weird with us. How you ask?

Get Newde
Dude !

Come on you frowning ? That means you ain’t familiar with getting newde.

Now don’t take your pants off!! That’s not what we meant.

We are talking about the Croissant mind – the layered one. Let’s elaborate shall we ?

The Vikas Kanwal dictionary describes, ‘Newde’ as a beautiful merger of the words New and Nude. Our core ideology is reflected through NEW. New ideas, new perspectives, new designs that defy the standard notion of creativity. Work that speaks for itself.  

While NUDE is how we’d like you to be. Again, stop unbuttoning that’s rude!

All we ask for is to undress your mind so that we dress you in the best !

Combine these two dynamic theories and it gives you a clean slate, which is when your brain starts visualizing beyond clichés.

Honing designs with a newde viewpoint has been our prerogative and slowly but surely we convinced our clients to shadow our vision. This philosophy is not only the essence of our work but it has been pushing us to master the untapped realms of design.

The idea’s brilliance lies in the fact, how simply it can be understood, embraced and perfected.  

How do you reach this artistic Zen ? All you got to do is Get Newde