We all need to have some fuh in life. Nope our autocorrect isn’t weird nor did we misspell fun. We really mean FUH !

The urban dictionary defines it as a lazy ass version of the word fuck. If a loved one can be called Bae, high time someone shortened the fuck out of fuck. Don’t you think? Well maybe you don’t, but do you think we give a fuh ?!!

As purposelessly as this word finds a way into every second sentence of our conversation. For-Fuh resulted during an equally unplanned intercourse of ideas that climaxed spontaneously, blowing our MIND !

It’s an idea that manifested itself into art, the beauty of which lies purely in the eyes of the beholder. For-Fuh is the truest illustration of our love for design, which travels straight from the heart to the canvas.

Just to assure you that we do make some amazing FUH up, our designs are available for purchase. Have a concept in mind you think we’ll be able to beautifully fuh up ? Call Us !

Find out our complete For-Fuh collection on Ello.